Download Trevor’s LightHouse + Attack Chopper – Screenshots and Description:

Trevor's LightHouse + Attack Chopper

This mod add many lights to Trevor’s house and enhance the scenario with a very premium look.
Pictures shown above have been taken in a very low graphic settings with very basic graphic mod ( As I have a potato computer ) . Higher graphic settings and mods may give extraordinary results.
Not results in FPS breakdown.


. Door lights
. FH 1 Hunter chopper ( on top of house )
. Staircase ( to go on top )
. Staircase lights
. Pathway lights
. Tree lights
. Garden lights
. Roof lights
. Wall lights
. Multicolour lights


. Unknown


Put the file TrevorLightHouse file in

GtaV -> menyooStuff -> Spooner

After installation,

. Launch Gta V
. Press F8 twice ( Menyoo trainer will open )
. Go to ObjectSpooner
. Then Manage Saved Files
. Click on TrevorLightHouse
. Then enter Launch Placements



Download mod

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