There’s a lot to do in GTA 5 but, after a while, you might feel like you’ve done it all.

But have you really?

Not until you’ve implemented some mods. These additions to the core gameplay change things up in radical ways, often resulting in a whole new game in the process. And no GTA game has mods as powerful as GTA V’s, especially the awesome Tsunami/No Water mods with different tsunami depths that turn the game into a survival tale rather than a street drama. 

Like the mod’s name implies, this raises and lowers the water level throughout GTA 5 and even allows you to generate a massive tsunami should you choose to do so. Beyond that, it also lets you get rid of all of the water entirely which means you open up entirely new areas for exploration and ad hoc gameplay. 

PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One Features:

There’s only one real downside to the mod and that is the fact that it is only available for the PC edition of the game. If you own the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One editions of the game then you’re just out of luck as there are no mods for those games. In terms of graphical style, the tsunami looks realistic enough but the thing is that it doesn’t slow down the game when the tsunami mode is activated. It might crash your game every once in a while – like any mods can – but it’s pretty stable otherwise. 

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In terms of dealing with the landscape without any water whatsoever, the game does all right with that but there are times that the mod seems to forget that the water is not there. Drowning in open air is not uncommon if you are exploring an area that should have water in it but usually the mod works flawlessly. Using it with other mods introduces a range of problems that are best left avoided but it can be done. 

So what is the point of the mod outside of just raising the water level or eliminating water entirely?

The tsunami mode really does change the game and it’s a lot of fun. Whether you’re running from the water or just watching what unfolds below, it is sheer chaos and there is a certain hidden gameplay element there that emerges. Watching the in-game systems react to the rising water levels is a treat but the most fun thing is to run away from it and get to high ground.

You can set the water level really high, too, but, like we said, the higher it gets the more likely you are to crashing your system or something along those lines. Personally, getting rid of the water is cool because it gives you new stuff to explore but we can totally understand if someone thinks it is just more empty space. Whichever way you choose to play this mod, it does offer a new experience that gamers who love GTA V need to try. 




How to install:

  • Open OpenIV 2.6 GTA V windows
  • Go to common.rpf/data/levels/gta5
  • Right Click on water.xml
  • Replace and Navigate to TsunamiAndNoWater mod folder
  • Replace with your desired Tsunami mod!
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