Download Tuner Brand Clothes, MP Female [DLC Pack] 0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Tuner Brand Clothes, MP Female [DLC Pack] 0.1

Standalone -first of its kind- DLC of add-on clothes. Vanilla edits with some normals paint and specular improvements. The contents of this DLC are not planned to be increased or decreased in the number of clothing slots occupied, but will be updated with improved and/or added brands over time. Loading more after this DLC will thus not be affected and will be easier to use for the average user.

Tired of the same old clothes? Want some more exciting stuff? Well, the same old rags are back, but with a little bit of extra spiciness added. A new way to represent your favourite tyre brand or your favourite customising team! Cheer on them, run with them and let the world know you’re there for the brand!

Started initially as a personal retexturing project that got out of hand, it was decided to make it a public release. This DLC is intended as a standalone set and is loaded after Slick’s MP Clothes mod. This can be changed by setting the order value to a different number in the /setup2.xml (only edit if you know what you’re doing). Textures have most been optimised to be as sharp as possible in game with a small as possible file size to not hinder gameplay and/or decrease fps.

Included are 70 different items, including five shoes with functioning heels and sounds, as well as two functioning hats and two helmets. Suits, skirts, shirts, etc. All in the theme of the brand they’re numbered with. Combine them with vanilla items, or create a gaudy collection of colours. It’s all up to you!

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Included brands are:
1. Atomic (yellow base);
2. Atomic (blue base);
3. Ydrop;
4. Star?Screamers;

More brands are planned in the future, so make sure to subscribe to Follow Updates for eventual additions and corrections.

Body textures have been provided generously by RoseCreations and it is highly, HIGHLY recommended to combine this DLC with Vanilla Skins!!

Suggested mods to be used with this DLC:
– Improving All MP Female Characters Appearance;
– Hair mods by serskyamn;

– Download corresponding SP pack and drop the RPF in your mods folder:
“…/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/[mod name]/dlc.rpf”
– The entry is added to dlclist.xml. The exact location Can be found through OpenIV: “…/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml”. This entry looks like dlcpacks:/[mod name]/
If you don’t have a mods folder, have OpenIV create one. For a regular modder, this should be easy fair.
– Use a trainer (e.g. Simpler Trainer, Menyoo, etc.) to obtain these items. They should appear on the far end of the list.

A huge thanks to grzybeek for providing the means to properly implement clothing!



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