Download Twishes Bellybutton Piercing Pack 1 – Screenshots and Description:

Twishes Bellybutton Piercing Pack 1

So I made two bellybutton piercings one simple and one more fancy and they come in 26 different colors, Mostly in silvers and golds but I have put some rose gold and black ones also. Too many pictures to show ;).

?? How to install on FiveM:
• Drag and drop files to “stream” folder
• I recommend you to have the add-on mod
mpclothes addon from HeySlickThatsMe

?? How to install on singleplayer:
• Open OpenIV
• Enable “Edit mode”
• Drag and drop files where you want to replace them for example:
Grand Theft Auto Vx64v.rpfmodelscdimagesstreamedpeds_mp.rpfmp_f_freemode_01/teef_009_u.ydd



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