Download UK Police/Emergency Service Texture Templates 0.7 – Screenshots and Description:

UK Police/Emergency Service Texture Templates 0.7

British templates by Razor

This file contains various helpful things to get you well underway with making your British emergency services vehicle mods.
Inside the templates folder are two big 2048×2048 pixel images, the first contains a selection of different livery options for emergency service vehicles and the second contains badges from various different Policing forces.

You shouldn’t have to resize things too much from the first image as I’ve tried to keep things to scale of most vehicle texturemaps.

In the fonts folder you will find various different fonts used for British services, these are as follows:
Eurostile: This font is used on Police cars and is the font that the word POLICE is usually spelled out in
Transport: This font is used on all UK road signs, comes in both a regular and bold version
UKNumberPlate: Self-explanatory, this font is used on UK numberplates

Install these fonts by double-clicking them and then clicking install, they will now be available in the image editor of your choice like any regular font.

Any questions, find me on Twitter @Razor792 or email me at [email protected]



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