Download ULSA Emergency Pack [Add-On | Lore Friendly | Soundbank | Template ] – Screenshots and Description:

ULSA Emergency Pack [Add-On | Lore Friendly | Soundbank | Template ]

Before installing this mod, please ensure you have downloaded and installed a custom gameconfig, such as this one.
Also ensure you have OpenIV installed: OpenIV
Inside your download will be a readme.txt file, to explain exactly how to install this mod, as well as a credits.txt file.

The ULSA Emergency Pack: A lore friendly vehicle pack based on the University of California, Los Angeles. Ranging from the ULSA Police Department to the ULSA Emergency Medical Services and a lil Health Inspector car on the side, you’re all kitted up and ready to make a rather small place feel large again.

Vehicle Spawn Codes:
ULSAPD – Stanier
ULSAPD1A – Stanier (slicktop)
ULSAPD2 – Scout
ULSAPD3 – Alamo (K-9)
ULSAPD4 – Merit (Unmarked)
ULSAPDOLD – Stanier (Legacy)
ULSAEMS2 – Speedo (Box) Ambulance
ULSAEMS3 – Speedo Ambulance
ULSA – Health Inspector Dilettante

A full list of credits and respective contributors can be found in the credits.txt file supplied in this mod.


Jacobmaate et al.

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