Welcome to Undead Streets, a zombie apocalypse mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. This has been inspired by the brilliant Simple Zombies mod by sollaholla.

Please note that this is an early Alpha release of the mod, and therefore there will undoubtably be bugs and missing features (such as crafting and base building). Please help by posting any problems you encounter either in the comments on the download page, on the forum thread or the Undead Streets Discord.

Feautures :

Currently this mod features:

  • Select either a Male or Female character (MP Freemode models)
  • No city/car ambient noises – it’s meant to be the end of the world, so you shouldn’t be able to hear lawn mowers!
  • No phone or car radios – again, end of the world, these wouldn’t work!
  • Basic ‘survival game’ stats – eat to keep hunger levels up, drink to keep thirst levels up and sleep to keep energy levels up
  • Basic inventory system (can be saved/loaded) and ability to loot items from dead survivors/zombies, and harvest meat from dead animals
  • Turn on/off Fast Zombies (note these will be more common between 7pm and 7am)
  • Abandoned vehicles dotted around map (customisable in ‘Settings.ini’)
  • Vehicles that work can be claimed and saved/loaded
  • Random survivors spawned every 5 minutes (real time) – friendly survivors can be recruited (Groups can be saved/loaded), neutral survivors can be attacked and looted, hostile survivors will attack you!
  • Zombies will spawn more frequently in city, animals will be more frequent/only spawn in countryside (is customisable)
  • All models used for Zombies and Survivors can either be customised in .lst files (found in the /Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/ directory) or will be randomised in game, depending on the area of the map you are in
  • Vehicles will be different in and outside of Los Santos, and again can be customisable in .lst files (found in the ‘/Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/’ directory)
  • Animals will also be different in and outside of Los Santos, and again can be customisable in .lst files (found in the ‘/Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/’ directory)

When you start the mod, it will spawn you at a make-shift base in Los Santos with a small amount of weaponry, when you die you will respawn at this base with default weapons and no inventory/vehicle/Group (remember to save all these things often often!). You can sleep in the tent at the ‘base’ to recover energy. You can cook raw meat on campfire so you can eat it. You can access the start-up menu by pressing the ‘F10’ key on the keyboard (all keys are configurable in the ‘Settings.ini’ file). Once the mod has started up you can press either the ‘F10’ key or ‘Down’ on the D-Pad of the controller (this will be whatever you have the Character Selection key configured to so this may not be ‘Down’). To access the Inventory its either the ‘I’ key on the keyboard or ‘Up’ on the D-Pad of the controller (this will be whatever you have the Phone key configured to so this may not be ‘Up’). To loot peds, harvest meat from animals, sleep in the tent or cook food on the campfire, this will be the default key for interacting with objects (which is usually the ‘E’ key on the keyboard or the ‘Left’ button on the D-Pad of the controller). However you’ll see a window pop up when you can interact with objects on the map showing which key to press (depending on whether you are using the keyboard or controller).

Settings can be configured in the ‘Settings.ini’ file. You can find this in the GTA 5 game directory and then in the ‘/Scripts/’ directory (where the ‘UndeadStreets.dll’ file should be installed to) when you run the game the first time you install this mod it will create an ‘UndeadStreets’ directory and inside here some more directories for logs, save files and settings. The ‘Settings.ini’ file will be in the ‘/Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/’ directory. In here you can change the spawn rates of zombies, survivors, vehicles, the kind of vehicles spawned (only recommended for advanced users, uses the model names), the health and damage settings for zombies, the health for survivors, the models used for zombies, the models used for survivors, the animal models and spawn rates, etc… The idea being that you can create your own zombie apocalypse experience using this mod.

I haven’t tested this with any other mods yet so I cannot guarantee this will work with trainers or mods that open interiors.


Mod Showcase:


To install this mod, first download and install the requirements listed in the section above. Then download and extract the zip file to your ‘/Scripts/’ directory, which should be located in your GTA main directory.

So for example, if your copy of GTA is from Steam and your game directory was located on your C: drive this would be:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/

In your ‘Scripts’ folder you should now have the ‘UndeadStreets.dll’ file. Don’t worry about the other directories and settings mentioned here, the mod will generate these the first time it runs.

Now startup your GTA 5 game and when the game has loaded, first disable the Autosave feature. The game shouldn’t save anyway but this is just to be safe! Now press the F10 key (default key, can be customised in ‘Settings.ini’) and you can select your character model (Male or Female) and whether to have Fast Zombies (zombies who can run at you and scream a lot!). Then you can start the mod!

Once you’ve started the Undead Streets mod you cannot turn this off without reloading a save game from the main menu (not the mod menu, the game’s main menu).

Download Links:

 Alpha 0.1 (current) Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1604119154