Download Underground Diamond Casino by Trevor – Screenshots and Description:

Underground Diamond Casino by Trevor

You all know the name Casino Diamond, and you all know how great this chic place is! But what to do for those who do not have the status? Our old Trevor decided to open a casino for all other people. There, of course, easier, but also much more affordable for money. Attention! In this Casino, nothing works like in GTA Online! More you can see in the video, which is added together with screenshot.

To install this type you will need:

The licensed version of GTA 5 is required!
All objects with GTA Online Update 1.50 for Map Editor!
UnlockAllObjects (Required)
MapEditor 2.13 (very must)


Download and open the file. Move the file to the root folder “OtherCasino” games GTA 5. After entering the game, press F7 and select the “download”, then choose “XML”,”search” ,and enter the name of the map – OtherCasino. After loading the map, go to the zone. (shown in the screenshot).



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