Mugging In Los Santos, there are many criminals trying to get money. They try to rob people so they can get their money.The criminals often carry a weapon in the robbery. Many officers reported that. Try to stop this robbery!

Person with Knife There are many people who are mentally crazy. In this case, they try to attack people with a knife. Try to arrest this person.

GangAttack On some days in Los Santos, gangs will attack each other. So that they do not hurt anyone, you have to control this sitoation. Apart from that, there are some gang members who are trying to escape! You should arrest them and hand them over to the PD.

Stolen Emergency Vehicle Some people are of the opinion to steal emergency vehicles and try to escape with the vehicle. Help the other officers and grab the thief!

Stolen Truck While a truck driver has taken a break or was ambushed while driving, the truck was stolen. Try to get this truck back!
Stolen Bus A bus was stolen and tried to escape. Hostages are maybe in the bus!

MoneyTruck is robbed – While the MoneyTruck was on the way to the bank, it was robbed and stolen! Try to get the truck back and grab the robbers!

The persons have white clothes and have weapons with them. KillerClown was seen We’ve had some crazy cases, but a KillerClown is going around the town with a knife.

Try to arrest him before he comes up with stupid thoughts. Plane Hijacking Even the airport is not safe anymore. A person is trying to steal a plane. There are maybe hostages in the plane!

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Do not let him escape. DrugDealer We found a well-known drug dealer. Stop him and try to contact him.

Burglary into an apartment Someone broke into an apartment! Help the person in the apartment. Drug Deal A drug dealer sells drugs to a random person. Robbery at Human Labs and Research

– A few Robbers in white overalls are going to rob the station. (You’ll need Open All interors for now) ArrestWarrant

– You need to try to speak with the wanted person. Troublemaker in metro station

– A homeless person is doing some trouble in the metro station.


         • Dialogues

○ Here are several different dialogues in the pack.
◘  There are up to 3 different dialogs for the callouts that containing dialogs.
◘  Some dialogs contain different endings and handlings from the suspect.

  • Different possibilities
    ○ Some callouts have different endings and possibilities.
    ○ Different areas for the ArrestWarrant and Troublemaker callout.
    ○ Different weapons for the KillerClown callout.
  • Callouts in this pack
    ○  In the callouts are include
    ◘ chasings from a truck to a robbery.
    ◘ robberies from an apartment to an money truck.
    ◘ attacks from a gang to a clown.
    ◘ arresting a wanted person.
    ○ There are currently 15 callouts.
  • Hotkeys
    There are two hotkeys included.
    ◘ “Y” for speaking to a suspect.
    ◘ “End” to force a callout to end.


Mod Showcase:


1.) Copy the files of “PluginsLSPDFR” in: “GTA V directorypluginsLSPDFR”.

2.) Copy the folder of “Lspdfraudioscanner” in: “GTA V directorylspdfraudioscanner”.

3.) You can now go on duty!

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