Hello, This Updates The Vehicle List For Map Editor was wreated By GlitchingFerret


*Due to rockstar trying to patch DLC vehicles from being
driven in story mode you have to install simple trainer
or you have to install menyoo PC mod menu!*


*All The Default Vehicles
*All The Biker DLC Vehicles
*All The Low Rider DLC Vehicles
*All The Executives and Other Criminals DLC Vehicles
*All The Import Export DLC Vehicles
*All The Special Races DLC Vehicles
*All The Gun Running DLC Vehicles
*All The Smugglers Run DLC Vehicles
*All The Low Rider 2 DLC Vehicles
*All The MPChristmas2017 DLC Vehicles
*All The Arena Wars DLC Vehicles
*All The Diamond And Resort Casino DLC Vehicles


Script Hook V https://9gtamods.com/script-hook-v-and-native-trainer-dotnet/
Script Hook V. NET https://9gtamods.com/script-hook-v-net-gta-mods-dotnet/
Native UI https://9gtamods.com/gta-5-tools/
Map Editor https://9gtamods.com/map-editor-gta-5-gta-5-mod/
Simple Trainer https://9gtamods.com/simple-trainer-gta5-scripts-gtav/
menyoo mod menu https://9gtamods.com/menyoo-pc-sp-single-player-trainer-mod/

If you have Menyoo Singleplayer Menu you don’t have to install
simple trainer to your game.


*Automatic Installtion: Open OIV file and install into game folder
*Manual Installtion: Go into your grand theft auto v directroy folder and open your
“scripts” folder and drag and drop the ObjectList.ini thats provided in the mod

*Do Not Copy/Replicate my mod, and upload it to this site or any other site*

© GlitchingFerret




Here is yours !

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1570542028