Download Upgraded Lifeguard Station [FiveM YMAP/ Menyoo] 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Upgraded Lifeguard Station [FiveM YMAP/ Menyoo] 2.0

Hey there! Today i am presenting you an upgraded version of the Vespucci Beach Life Guard Station! I hope you enjoy this and make sure to give it a review and comment what you think of it and what i can improve on!

If you want to chill with me or need support with any of my mods feel free to join

Changelog to V2
A custom interior with bunkbeds and etc.
More detail to the textures and better parking/entrance
And also more barriers

Installation Instructins (Also included in the download)
Menyoo: Open the Menyoo folder in the file you just downloaded from me and drag and drop that file in to the spooner file in the menyoostuff folder.

FiveM YMAP: Drag and drop the YMAP File in the FiveM YMAP folder in this mod in to your stream folder.



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