This content is about a mod called Vanilla Dispatch Edits 1.0. The mod includes several changes to the police in the game:
1. The LSPD will use all three police cruisers.
2. The LSSD will now use sheriff SUVs for roadblocks.
3. Riot roadblocks will spawn with SWAT teams instead of normal LSPD officers.
4. Police helicopters will be replaced with buzzards.
5. Cops will use FBI buffalos for roadblocks instead of police transporters.

To install the mod, you need to open Open IV and navigate to the mods – update – update.rpf – common – data path. Make sure to create a backup of your dispatch.meta file, then drag and drop the new dispatch.meta file. Known bugs include SWAT teams that spawn with riot roadblocks not having helmets. The mod was created by BBaxaTr. The file size is 3 KB.

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Vanilla Dispatch Edits 1.0

Vanilla Dispatch Edits 1.0

Everything about the mod:
1- LSPD will use all 3 police cruisers
2- LSSD now uses sheriff suv for roadblocks
3- Riot roadblocks will spawn with swats instead of normal LSPD officers
4- Also buzzards will spawn as police helicopters
5- Cops will use FBI buffalos for roadblocks (replaces police transporter)

1- Open your Open IV
2- Follow this path: mods – update – update.rpf – common – data
3- Most importantly, make BACKUP of your *dispatch.meta*
4- Drag and drop the *dispatch.meta* here
5- It’s done, enjoy.

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Known bugs:
1- Swats that spawn with Riot roadblocks doesn’t have helmets



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Vanilla Dispatch Edits
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There are several similar mods to Table Vanilla Dispatch Edits 1.0 in terms of modifying the dispatch system in GTA V. Here are five other mods that provide similar functionalities:

1. Dispatch of Variety by Cass:
This mod aims to diversify the police dispatch system in the game. It adds various new scenarios, including different emergency services and more realistic officer responses. It also provides customization options for altering the dispatch frequency and difficulty.

2. Enhanced LSPD First Response (LSPDFR) by RageHook:
LSPDFR is a popular mod that allows players to play as a police officer in the game. Along with this feature, it also modifies the dispatch system to make it more immersive and realistic. It introduces new dispatch audio, varied callouts, and additional options for player interactions.

3. Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) by Dilapidated:
RDE aims to enhance the realism of the dispatch system in GTA V. It provides improved dispatch response times, more challenging and dynamic police pursuits, and a wider variety of law enforcement activities. This mod also includes compatibility with other popular mods, expanding its functionality even further.

4. Police SmartRadio by Albo1125:
Police SmartRadio is a mod that focuses on enhancing the radio communication system between the player and dispatch units. It introduces comprehensive voice-activated radio commands, allowing for more interactive and dynamic gameplay. The mod also includes additional features like improved ped interactions and pursuit options.

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5. Better Dispatch AI by BTSR:
This mod improves the artificial intelligence of the dispatch system in the game. It upgrades the decision-making capabilities of the AI, making them more responsive, strategic, and challenging. Better Dispatch AI also adds more realistic police tactics during pursuits, such as calling for backup and setting up roadblocks.

It’s important to note that the features and capabilities of these mods may vary, so it’s recommended to read more about each individual mod to determine which one aligns best with your preferences and gameplay style.
Vanilla Dispatch Edits 1.0
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