Download Vapid Dominator GTS [Add-On | Tuning] [FINAL] – Screenshots and Description:

Vapid Dominator GTS [Add-On | Tuning] [FINAL]

A less disgustingly designed version of the Dominator GTX. (Some would consider it the Poor mans Dominator GTX, but i just consider it the better version xD)

Spawn Name


Stylish One of a Kind Wheels.
Stylish Side Skirts. (Stock Model)
Overhauled Front End. (Front Bumper / Front Lights / Front Grille)
Overhauled Rear End. (New rear lights / Rear Panel / Rear Bumper)
Dominator GTX Hood and Sideskirts available as modkit parts.
Retains Dominator GTX tuning (I removed the stupid stickerbomb shit)
Breakable Windows.
LOD’s L1 – L4. (L2 and L3 are scratch made.)

Bugs that i am aware of, but likely won’t be fixed. (Sorry, mod is to far along to go back and fix these issues, i will do better next time.)
L1 LOD for all custom parts is autolod, resulting in excessive polycount & dominatorgts.yft size. I have since refined my LOD making process, this shouldn’t be an issue on another mod released by me. (dominatorgts.yft is still lower in size than the _hi model)

Scratch made LOD’s L2 and L3 do not match up with original R* LOD’s. This is a workflow issue and will be improved when i make another mod.

Many panels on L0 don’t line up properly, this is a R* modelling issue and they should fire the guy who made this car. There is 0 attention to detail and this triggers me. (It also made the car an absolute bitch to model stuff for / render because you can see bits of doorshut on top the sideskirts and AGRGGHHHH


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Many of my close friends. ?? (Not crediting you cause i’ve lost count as to the number of my close friends i told about this mod, sorry, i’ll write it down next time)

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