Download Vapid Executioner Police Pack [Add-On] 3.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Vapid Executioner Police Pack [Add-On] 3.0

Ah, those early days of “roleplaying” where we used the Sheriff SUV as a LSPD vehicle pretending like nothing was missing. Then police mods came in with some variations. And after all this time, a mod as simple as it could be, a Police SUV

This is a Vapid Executioner pack with LSPD and LSSD liveries to expand your already large police car pool. The Vapid Executioner is a lore friendly version of the 2000 Ford Excursion, taking some features from the already existing Vapid Sadler. All 3 versions I tried to make them as vanilla as possible, that’s for the liveries and overall design. It includes 2 versions of the LSSD both white and the black and white one.

For this mod I had to modify Carrythxd’s Civilian Executioner to fit a police version. This is the second time I use zmodeler to modify a model so if there’s any problem I’d like you to report it and I’ll fix it in the next patch

Also, more versions will be added to this pack in the future

8 Vapid Executioner Police Variants:
-Los Santos Police Department
-Los Santos Sheriff Department (all white)
-Los Santos Sheriff Department (black and white)
-Blaine County Sheriff Department
-Blaine County Sheriff Department (retro, white and brown)
-Blaine County Sheriff Department (retro, all white)
-San Andreas Park Ranger
-San Andreas Park Ranger (retro style, all white)

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “polexecutioner” into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV

-Complete rework and update
-Added a 3rd retro style BCSO variant (based on Introvert’s pack)
-Added a retro style variant of the Park Ranger (based on Introvert’s pack)
-Added a cage for back seats on all models
-Some models feature better equipment on the trunk
-Added a police console to all models (Park Ranger uses a old style one)
-Antenna now wiggles
-BCSO version reworked to look closer to Ilay’s Sadler Search and Rescue
-Better quality decals and design on LSSD variants
-Reworked MX7000 lightbar on LSPD and LSSD variants
-Changed Park Ranger’s lightbar

-Added Park Ranger variant
-Added 2 Blaine County Sheriff Variants (Retro and Ventura style)


–Rockstar Games: Base Model (Vapid Sadler)
–Thundersmacker: Converted to GTA IV
–G.C.T.: Edited to Vapid Executioner
–Carrythxd: Originall conversion to GTA V
–TheF3nt0n: Reconversion to GTA V
–Jacobmaate: Interior props
–Dani02: Improvements and handling edition
–Johnny362000: Handling
–VanillaWorks team: advice and help
–11john11: BCSO retro style textures and lightbar, sentina bar for BCSO retro
–Voit Turyv: BCSO ventura style variant Lightbar, trunk equipment, LSSD decals
–Solo: Shotgun model
–AlexVonShep: BCSO ventura style livery
–Introvert: BCSO retro style wheels and design
–IlayAyre: BCSO ventura style wheels, pushbar and front antenna
–Unopieco: Park Ranger lightbar
–11john11: reworked MX7000 lightbar
–Vx5 Voltage: Police console and cage
–VanillaWorks: advice, help and assets
–BeastyBill: screenshots

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