Conspicuous, non-practical and unstoppable, the unmarked Executioner is the blocky-eyed face of friendly corruption and rubber-hose cryptanalysis. Burns fuel faster than a supertanker, but in the heat of pursuit after you inevitably get spotted from a mile away, you’ll only care about the power. And power it’s got plenty. 

This is the unmarked version of the Vapid Executioner by GCT. The vehicle features some improvements, such as hidden emergency lights and the equipment from the FIB Granger, and pedestrians can also hang on the sides of it. There is an option for anyone who wants to use both Executioners with a divider added behind the front seats.

Fibexecutioner – FIB Executioner
Swatexecutioner – LSPD SWAT Executioner

– 1.0 – Initial release
– 1.1 – Added seatbelts, police console and a divider as an optional file
– 2.0 – Added an LSPD version with LAPD-style lighting system and roof rails, improved the wheels, added custom soundbanks for both Executioners, removed the trim options and the vehicle is now unlocked
– 2.1 – Updated the models and soundbanks, added a pair of spotlights on the LSPD Unmarked version and changed the handling




Please see the readme.txt in the archive and follow it

Link Download:

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