“The latest addition to LCPD’s seemingly never-ending fleet of utilitarian trucks, this time the most eco-friendly and controversially modernistic police utility vehicle to date. Strictly no PIT operations in this one; one hit to the chassis and LCPD get a nasty bill to add to their funding crisis.”
Vapid LCPD Scout V1.0 by Monkeypolice188
The LCPD take on the latest lore-friendly police vehicle to hit the GTA V scene – the Vapid Scout. Originally created by GCT and ported to GTA V by Dani02.
Civilian variant by GCT and Dani02: https://9gtamods.com/vehicles/vapid-scout-add-on-replace
LSPD variant by Vx5 Voltage and others: https://9gtamods.com/vehicles/2012-vapid-scout-police-utility-add-on-mapped

Vapid LCPD Scout V1.0 - 5

—- Features —-
– LODs.
– Dirt mapping.
– Breakable glass.
– Liveries.
– Numerous extras.

—- Change Log —-
Initial release.

—- Credits —-
– Rockstar Games – Original model, textures, and parts.
– GCT – NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV.
– Dani02 – Conversion to GTA V.
– Vx5 Voltage – Scout Police model and Improvements. Ford Interceptor style wheels. Centre dashboard console.
– Voit TuryvVx5 VoltageSkitty – Interior equipment and textures.
– 11john11llayArye – Mapped Vapid Scout.

DISCLAIMER: Do not modify or re-upload without author’s permission. Do not use in FiveM without permission. Do not request ELS versions.


Vapid LCPD Scout V1.0 - 1

Vapid LCPD Scout V1.0 - 2

Vapid LCPD Scout V1.0 - 3

Vapid LCPD Scout V1.0 - 4

How To Install 

1. Start OpenIV.

2. Navigate to the ‘mods’ folder or create it in the GTA V folder if you don’t have it.

3. Navigate to or create the file path “updatex64dlcpacks” within the mods folder:

More:  Twin Turbo Cheval Picador V1.0 - GtaV Car

4. Copy the ‘lcpdscout’ folder found within the Add-On archive into the mods folder.

5. Navigate to ‘dlclist.xml’ in updateupdate.rpfcommondata. Right click and select “move to mods folder”, or “show in mods folder” if you already have.

6. Add “<Item>dlcpacks:lcpdscout</Item>” to the bottom of the list within the dlclist.xml file.

7. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

The vehicle serves as an add-on vehicle, modelname “lcpdscout“.


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Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1572794703