There was a time, before mod tools were robust and modding came with a chance of career improvement, when mods were frivolous little things. That’s what the lack of official modding support in Grand Theft Auto V [official site] brings back. The ability to make sweeping changes to the world of Los Santos may yet arrive, but for now I’m enjoying small scripts that let you fly, that make all the pedestrians mad, that make your guns fire cars.

GTA 5’s vehicle cannon mod is made by flocraftMods and does exactly what it sounds like. You press F11 to activate it, you pull out a weapon, and then each click of your mouse will launch a random vehicle in front of you at speed. Sports cars, garbage trucks, gondolas; they all come fizzing out as you hold fire on a machinegun. Occasionally the larger vehicles seem to come out so close in front of you that they’ll kill you in the process, but you can get around that if you get to higher ground. As I do here:

The mod itself is straightfoward to install, but it does depend upon a ScriptHookV.dll you’ll need to install first. Look here for a guide to installing Grand Theft Auto 5 mods. And be warned: there’s a chance that Rockstar are banning people from Rockstar Social Club who use mods, even if those people are only using the mods in singleplayer mode. I’ve yet to run into any problems personally, however – and giving up the Online mode is, to me, a small price to pay for a vehicle cannon.

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Feautures :

– 3D shooting
– doubled available vehicles


Mod Showcase:


Did you always wanted to shoot with cars?

Press F11 in-game to activate the Vehicle Cannon. Now try to shoot and have fun.

To install, place .asi file in root folder of your game with the latest ScriptHookV.dll

Download Links:

 2.0 (current) :