Download Vehicle Ragdoll 1.1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Vehicle Ragdoll 1.1.0

Simple script built with the Script Hook V Dot Net API which lets you launch any vehicle you’re driving in
whichever direction you want at insane speeds!


Launch the vehicle you’re in at insane speeds in any direction you want!
Works with cars, boats, planes, bikes, choppers, blimps and bicycles!


Grand Theft Auto V
ScriptHookV Dot Net


Go to your GTAV folder.
Copy both the VehicleRagdoll.dll and .ini into your scripts folder.

Default Keybinding:
Num Pad 7: Toggle Activating / Deactivating script.
Num Pad 8: Accelerate at the speed of yeet.
Num Pad 2: Reverse at Mach 10.
Num Pad 4: Propel to the left.
Num Pad 6: Go very fast right.
Num Pad 9: Launch into the stratosphere.
Num Pad 3: Slam into the ground.

– v1.1.0: Fixed failure to compile due to GTA.UI.Notification error, Released script is now .dll, Added .ini file to configure settings.
– v1.0.1: Added temporary fix in README for script not compiling for some people due to GTA.UI.Notification error.



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