Download Vehicle Repair Station Expanded 18 55 66 HU-N SP ED 2 – Screenshots and Description:

Vehicle Repair Station Expanded 1.0


This mod adds 6, 16, 29 or 33 vehicle repair stations to the map!
Press E or Pad Right to repair your vehicle!


(Pick a version- 6 is scattered around the map. Original mod by Aaronlelit
16 is every city servo (petrol station) servo’s in Australia and yes we could, and some still do repair cars at petrol stations.
29 is every servo on the map.
33 is every servo and the airport, bus station pits, the driveway at Aunts house and driveway at Michaels
(I use this one with ‘lefix simple fuel’ to add petrol stations at the same places)
(the airport hanger was a must for when you get lost in there and the cops are everywhere)

Simply place VehicleRepairStation.lua file inside the

scriptsaddins directory in your base GTAV install location.

(If your scripts or addins files are not there, create them in OPEN IV,
using the ‘add folder tab’, in menu, after entering EDIT MODE. Copy the names as above)


Script Hook V
LUA Plugin For Script Hook V

I fairdinkum had a cop chase for an hour utilizing this repair mod, mid chase, multiple times. It gave this old man a heart rate.
BUT when it ended…. it was a blast!

18, 55, 66HU-N
(Special Edition 2 Bundle)
-18, 55 or 66 Hidden Underground locations incl CAYO
-66 has colour coded blips for Road, Sea and Air.
-AND separate ‘BENNYS blips for the workable repair garages.
(Los Santos customs, Beekers garage and Benny’s – The takeover has begun!)

(current) Special Edition (car repair only)
– 18 hidden underground locations.


VehicleRepairStation by Aaronlelit (The original author)
Thanks Aaron, it’s yours whenever you want it.

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