Download VehicleControl [.ASI] v1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

VehicleControl [.ASI] v1.0

GTA 5 Mod that lets you control your engine, lights, windows and doors.

– GTA 5
– ScriptHookV

– Drop both VehicleControl.asi and VehicleControl.ini into GTA 5 Folder.

– In game, press “OpenMenu” key (Default F4).
– Navigate With “MoveDown” key and “MoveUp” key (Default Left Arrow And Right Arrow).
– Select with “SelectItem” key (Default Enter).

Known Bugs
– Smetimes Lights option won’t work, press H few times and try again, report to me if you’ll find any other bugs.

– v1.0:
– Fixed stuttering with engine disabled.
– Fixed one window not working.


– Thanks to for the INI Parser:
– This Mod is open source:
– This Mod uses GNU General Public License v3.0.

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