GTA V always allowed the different developer and modders to make the changes and play the game perfectly. Mods provide different kinds of options to make the game more interesting and challenging at the same time. GTA V is well renowned for the collection of cars and the ability to allow you to add your favorite cars.

For the newbies, adding their favorite car is like a dream come true but for the hardcore gamers, adding new cars have certainly became a difficult process. If not difficult the n definitely boring as you got to do extracting, navigating, copy pasting, or finding the right path for the vehicle to be added. To take care of all the leg work, GTA V vehicle installer mod was made.

This mod is made precisely to make sure you don’t face any trouble while adding any new cars. Some of the features are:

  • The mod allows you to add your favorite car or vehicle relatively fast. It takes care of almost 90% of the work that you had to do manually if you are not using the mod. This means that all you got to do is choose your favorite car and GTA V vehicle installer will get the work done.
  • The mod also allows you to replace the vehicles swiftly. You don’t have to look for the path where the replacement has to be made. IF you are choosing the path manually, you can get confused with path like dlcpack or x64e. Choosing the wrong path will only frustrate you as you have to start the work again.  
  • If you are facing any issues with vehicle’s sound or texture, car readme file is there to help you. Although the mod has made the installation relatively simpler but if you face any of the above-mentioned issues, you can find the solution in readme file. So, don’t ignore the file instantly although the files are long and pretty boring but provides the solution if you ever face one. So, let the Vehicle installer do its job but if there is any need to refine the textures, make sure you follow the readme instructions.
  • The developers made sure that the gamers don’t have face the vehicle related problems like the spawning issues or the long path searches as Vehicle installer will be taking care of all the issues.
  • Adding the cars manually might trigger different issues like if you have given the wrong path, the car will not perform up to its full potential or the tuning might fails due to wrong path address. All these issues can be rectified while using the simple mod Vehicle installer. 
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So, for the gamers who are just basic at the technical stuff and wanted someone to take care of technical work then they don’t need to wait for someone. They can install this mod and mod will take care of all the work that is required to add or replace the vehicle.


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