Download VeniceTVNStuff 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

VeniceTVNStuff 1.1

“Venice TV ‘N Stuff” is a wee mod I made to accommodate for TV and radio support for the new Venice Beach House, at: Venice Beach House

– All 3 TV’s are supported. And the bedroom radio.

– TV activation is ‘face-activated’, and not based on simple radius. You really don’t want that garage TV triggered when you’re walking on the path outside. ?? Same for bedroom TV: step in front of it. It’s much cleaner than triggering on radius, and won’t interfere with the hotspot of the radio that way, either (on the other side of the bedroom divider).

Depending on the popularity of the Venice Beach House, I plan to add more, for a later version (that’s what the “N Stuff” stands for, for future reference). Like persistent car support for the garage, seat animations, etc. For now, just enjoy!


.Net 4.8
SHVDN 2.10.13


Just drop VeniceTVNStuff.dll into your GTA Vscripts directory, as per usual.

Possible issue: I set OnTick() at the lowest possible Interval, before TV flickering starts to occur. If you have a very slow video card, this may happen to you too. In that case, I will just need to increase the rate.


1.0 Initial release

1.1 Added 2 small new features:

– Now comes with a safehouse Blip (in front of garage, so you can neatly autodrive to it);

– Garage door stops opening underneath you when you go to the first floor. That was very annoying.