Download VGroveSt | Remastered | GTAV | FiveM Ready | v1.3 – Screenshots and Description:

VGroveSt | Remastered | GTAV | FiveM Ready | v1.3

This map creates a more improved Grove St. Including new trees, lights, and benches!


(Ensure you have OpenIV for this)

Go to:

Mods > Update > X64 > dlcpacks
[Enable Edit mode]
(create a “custom_maps” folder)

The path in the “custom_maps” folder should be:
– dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > _citye > maps > custom_maps.rpf

Place the “VGroveSt.ymap” into this folder and it should work ??

XML Installation

(You will need Menyoo for this)

Go to your GTAV Directory, there should be a “menyooStuff” folder.
Then go to the Spooner folder and implement the VGroveSt.xml file here ??
Launch your GTAV and hit F8, the map should be located in your Menyoo!



Download mod

File File size


2 MB