When 11john11 gave me permission to make the VCPD Merit Classic add-on I remember what Bob Ross used to say: Everyone needs a friend. So I searched for the perfect model, the closest one to the original VC cop car, and I remember about le_shark’s Albany Esperanto pack so… here it is.
This is a VCPD inspired minipack for those who miss the 80’s vigilante days and want to go on duty after doing a line, Vice City style. I’ve made both the original design of the VCPD as well as the Vice City beta version which was inspired on the Miami Police Department but was lately replaced for the Green and White desing we all remember. Sorry for the waiting, I had some issues with my pc and took a while to fix.


This mod contains

-VCPD Albany Esperanto
-VCPD Declasse Merit Classic
-Beta VCPD Albany Esperanto
-Beta VCPD Declasse Merit Classic


Put the folder into your dlcpacks directory and add “vcpdpack” to your dlclist.xml with OPENIV


For the Esperanto:
-11john11: numerous tweaks and enhancements and custom equipment
-le_shark: consent to add their police model to this pack

For the Merit:
-11john11: original model (seen in my VCPD Merit mod)
-Carface: original model
-GCT: conversion to a default style model
-Dani02: GTA V conversion
-Netman: parts from the sirensetting
-FCVP71: some textures for the police computer
-Vanillaworks and RDE discord: feedback
-Solo: Shotgun
-James R: Fire Extinguisher




Enjoy the nice car 🙂

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1569944709