The First, you should know about the Ertzaintza is the autonomous police force for the Basque Country. An Ertzaintza member is called an ertzaina. 

And The B5 version of the Volkswagen Passat, based on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform, was launched in 1996 in Europe, 1997 in North America, and March 1998 in Australia. Its PL45 platform was shared with the first-generation “Typ 8D” Audi A4, which was unveiled 2 years earlier, and saw a return to the Passat sharing its platform with Audi’s equivalent model for the first time since the second-generation (B2) Passat, which shared its platform with the second-generation “Typ 81” Audi 80/Audi 90 (the A4 is the successor to the Audi 80 line). The Passat introduced a new design language, first seen on the Concept 1 concept car, for the latest generation of Volkswagens such as the Mk4 Golf, Bora and Polo Mk4. The smooth lines, heavily raked windscreens, and smooth underpinnings helped give the B5 Passat a low coefficient of drag, rated at 0.27 (saloon model). The B5 Passat also reflected Volkswagen’s aspirations to push upmarket with higher quality interior trim and the availability of luxury options in order to distance it in the marketplace from contemporaries such as the Ford Mondeo, Opel Vectra, and Peugeot 406. This policy was later echoed in the Golf Mk4/Bora/Jetta and Polo.

And this is Mod for anyone want to be Ertzaintza – Volkswagen Passat B5 Ertzaintza [V1.0]


Vehicle conversion: Zombitt
Vehicle details: elmodcanario02
Template and livery: mmods
Lightbar and light-controllers: GTA:ES (JuanPolice)
Important to use the included XML for the lights work properly and to make strobe effect.

In case of replacing “policet” or “police4” (recommend) use this path:

If replacing in “policet”, “police” or “police4” (recommended) use this route: mods x64e.rpf levels gta5 vehicles.rpf




Cool police car 🙂

Link Download :