Very good! Here is my tip for an upcoming project! A scotturb bus, I saw that you have several projects from Cascais and as I saw that you have the bus from rails, it’s just a tip! Thank you for your contribution to the community!


– Do not modify or upload again without permission from pcGAMESmods.
– Do not order ELS versions as they will not be made.
– Textures are not public to be reedited and shared in other mods.
– You can add mods to FiveM / Similar servers and if you post videos, put author credits.

• Converted to GTAV pcGAMESmods
• News Textures pcGAMESmods
• License Plate pcGAMESmods
• Book pcGAMESmods
• Lesson car roof board pcGAMESmods
• Aluminum plate for bumper pcGAMESmods

• Converted to GTA SA yellow1441
• Old Texturas yellow1441

Change Log
Released 18 May, 2019
All detailed instructions to install is in at official page.
Manual & Change Log Link

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Here is your car Portuguese ACP Driving / Volkswagen Polo v1.0

Link Download :