This is my first mod uploaded for this game. If the config in progress needs any improvements, please let me know so I can do better 🙂
Special thanks to the lucasvinbr for his amazing mod of “Gang and Turf Mod” for allowing this configuration to happen.

– You are not allowed to steal and reupload this exact config to this website or
– You are allowed to release a modified version based of this config as long as
you credit the original developer (me) of the config appropriately.
Contributions are always welcomed!

This configuration was created without the use of add-on peds and vehicles, making installation easy and no performance drops. Note, the upgrades for accuracy, health and armour is extremely expensive to prevent AI gangs to upgrade their stats which is what keeps things balanced, otherwise, everyone will have super sane accuracy and health.

War on Terror [A Gang and Turf Configuration] V3.0 - 4

War on Terror is a conflict based config on how Armies, Terrorists and how the Militias interact with each other as well as a smaller interference groups such as criminal organizations. There are in total of 8 Organizations you can join to help what side you see fit in a massive large turf battle for San Andreas. Each has their own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Some may be accurate, some may be tanky and others can be balanced all around.

Types of Organizations
Military Forces
Black Ops Security Forces

A Classified Special Task Force deployed by Don Percival, CEO of Merryweather in order to take up a contract to safeguard Los Santos assigned by the US Government. With lots of budgets to spare on the contract being backed by the US Government, they can quickly sweep through and secure zones.
Health: 100
Armour: 75
Accuracy: 28%

S.P.S.A. Spec Ops (Special Company of San Andreas)
A new Private Military Company called the “Special Company of San Andreas” deployed an unknown military combatant force unauthorized on US Soil. The company believes that Liberty is not a right, and that the only way San Andreas can be restored is through an Iron Fist. Despite the Company being created so recently, they are battle-hardened and equipped with the latest technologies.
Health: 100
Armour: 100
Accuracy: 30%

S.A.A.L. Insurgents (San Andreas Army of Liberation)
For the people, by the people, these people have taken up arms against the S.P.S.A. Spec Ops and any opposing forces, and to defend their native communities. Relatively well equipped, with a strong will to fight, they can throw some serious firepower.
Health: 100
Armour: 200
Accuracy: 28%

Terrorist/Militia Forces
Terror Cell Operatives
IAA Intelligence has confirmed intel on a new threat unlike anything seen before. This organization is able to carry out attacks anywhere in San Andreas and are indiscriminate of age religion and nationality. Terror Sleeper Cell Agents have infiltrated Los Santos with no known motive or goals but to push an agenda for a socialist state.
Health: 100
Armour: 75
Accuracy: 28%

B.C.C.D. Irregular Militia (Blaine County Combatants of Defense)
A General Militia Combatant Force created by individuals tired of constant occupations, they aim to defend their homeland in the art of guerilla warfare. Despite having an outdated soviet era arsenal, the militia will continue to fight to drive out all invaders.
Health: 100
Armour: 50
Accuracy: 24%

H.L.R. Bio Terrorists (Humane Labs and Research Bio Terrorists)
An Unknown Bio Terrorist group that originated in the Humane Lab Research Facility. Now having hold of a deadly nerve agent bomb, they are holding all of Los Santos hostage in Ransom for $300 million.
Health: 100
Armour: 75
Accuracy: 26%
Criminal Organizations
Los Santos Syndicate
A very high-class, powerful, and dangerous Russian mafia that controls every aspect of the black market and the economy that flows within from human trafficking to weapon smuggling.
Health: 100
Armour: 20
Accuracy: 26%

Hired Guns
A criminal network full of mercenaries for hire. They are highly professional, having a wide range of weaponry and always gets the job done no matter what.
Health: 100
Armour: 50
Accuracy: 26%

Change Log
3.0 Rebuild.

Rebuilt this whole config from scratch. I made too many changes to count so I just made a summary instead of listing specific changes.

– Overhauled almost every ped in almost every faction, making them much more uniformed and unique to the faction their in.
– Vehicles are now much more distinct in each faction. With some removed and some added.
– Changed some names for each faction. Should still be very similar to the original names.
– Weapons have been overhauled throughout each faction. From Soviet-era equipment to state of the art western technologies depending on the wealth of each faction.
– Starting $ is now changed, each faction has a different starting amount of $ depending on their wealth.
– Starting locations have changed to balance the gameplay.
– Earning revenue from Zones is now dynamic. As you buy more zones, it multiplies rapidly. now. Example, now you will be earning 50k if you owned 20 zones, but only earn $60 dollars owning one.
+ Readded profits from taking over Enemy Zones.
– Frequency of earning money from zones increased from around 12 minutes to 24 minutes.
+ Readded Traffic Volumes and Pedestrians during wars for more chaotic fun.

2.3c Hotfix
– Fixed an unknown error that resets parts of the config, causing a number of issues.

2.3b Hotfix
– Fixed NPC’s not ambient spawning properly.

2.3 Bugfix
– Changed and refined Hired Guns NPC’s to look much more uniformed.
– Fixed NPC’s not spawning properly in wars.

2.2 Bugfix
+ Added more variety to the organization “Guns Hired”. They now wear T-shirts and sweatshirts as well as different colours. Masked and unmasked are now balanced out, no more bunch of masked criminals not showing their face.
+ Added back missing MK2 weapons into weapon buyables. As well as the railgun.
– Fixed Insurgents not attacking due to a misconfigured config (Player owned 2 organizations).
– Increased Vehicle Backup and Parachute Backup cool down times to prevent spamming.

2.1b Hotfix
– Fixed all files in the Black Ops folder to take effect for update 2.1. They are now patched and ready to go.

2.1 Weapon Changes and Bugfixes
Weapon Loadout Changes
+ Added SMG to Black Ops.
+ Added Homing Launcher to Black Ops and S.P.S.A. Spec Ops.
+ Added Special Carbine to S.P.S.A. Spec Ops.
+ Added Grenade Launcher to S.A.A.L. Insurgents.
+ Added Advanced Rifle to S.A.A.L. Insurgents and Terror Cell Operatives
+ Added Heavy Shotgun to S.A.A.L. Insurgents.
+ Added Bullpup Shotgun and Assault Rifle for H.L.R. Bio Terrorists and Terror Cell Operatives.
+ Added Micro SMG to Hired Guns.
– Removed Combat MG from B.C.C.D. Militia Forces.
– Removed Assault SMG and SMG from H.L.R. Bio Terrorists.
– Removed Marksman Rifle from Terror Cell Operatives.
– Removed Grenade Launcher from Terror Cell Operatives.
– Removed MG from Terror Cell Operatives.
– Removed Carbine Rifle from Terror Cell Operatives.
– Removed all explosive weaponry from Hired Guns and Los Santos Syndicate.
– Removed Pistols from AI loadouts. This encourages the AI to use better.
types of weapons instead of using the pistol.

Bug fixes and Changes
+ Added more variety to Los Santos Syndicate’s peds.
+ Added a variant to S.A.A.L. Insurgents uniform. (Short Sleeves.)
– Increased the amount of vehicles spawning in wars.
– Fixed Insurgents masks clipping.
– Fixed getting an instant star when fighting the Los Santos Syndicate by
removing high security peds.
– Organizations will now start with 25000 instead of 35000. This will help slow
down the gameplay in the early game.

2.0 Variation Overhaul
Black Ops Vehicle Changes
Added the following:
+ Bravado Bison
+ Barrage
+ Bravado Half Track
+ Canis Mesa (Off-Road)
Removed the following:
– Albany Cavalcade Mk2
– Gallivanter Baller LE

S.P.S.A. Spec Ops Vehicle Changes
Added the following:
+ MTL Brickade
+ Barrage
+ HVY Scarab Apocalypse

S.A.A.L. Insurgents Vehicle Changes
+ Added Canis Mesa
– Removed Bravado Rumpo Custom

Terror Cell Operatives Vehicle Changes
+ Albany Cavalcade Mk2

Terror Cell Operatives NPC Changes
+ Added new clothing variations, such as leather coats, and different colour of clothing.

B.C.C.D. Militia Forces Vehicle Changes
Added the following:
+ Canis Mesa (Off-Road)
+ BF Dune FAV
+ Brute Boxville Armored
+ Vapid Dominator Apocalypse
+ Declasse Tempa Weaponized
+ Bravado Half-Track
Removed the following:
– Benefactor Dubsta
– Declasse Burrito
– Vulcar Warrener

H.L.R. Bio Terrorists Vehicle Changes
Added the following:
+ Vapid Speedo
+ MTL Cerberus Future Shock
+ MTL Brickade

Los Santos Syndicate Vehicle Changes
Added the following:
+ Enus Super Diamond
+ Obey 9F Cabrio
+ Obey Tailgater
+ Dewbauchee Rapid GT Cabrio
+ Lampadati Felon
+ Ocelot Jackal
+ Ubermacht Oracle

Los Santos Syndicate NPC Changes
+ Added lots of new faces, and a couple of new suits.

Hired Guns Vehicle Changes
Added the following:
+ Maibatsu Mule Custom
+ MTL Pounder Custom
Removed the following:
– Benefactor Schafter V12
– Enus Super Diamond

Hired Guns NPC Changes
+ Changed tactical vest and new clothing textures.

Some Changes
– Organizations will now start with 35000 instead of 50000. This will help slow down turf rushes in the early stages of the game.
– Decreased Hired Guns accuracy by 2%.
– Decreased ambient spawn maximum peds from 24 to 20
– Increased AI Profits.

1.1 Balance and Changes
– Increased distance of vehicle and ped ambient spawning. No more BS
vehicles spawning in front of you.
– Increased base time to ambient spawning from 12 to 16 seconds each
– Increased ambient spawn amount from 16 to 24 peds.
– Reduced B.C.C.D. Militia’s turf level bonus from level 10 to level 8.
– Fixed key for gang menu. Default key now works. (B)

1.0b Hotfix
– Fixed a bug where the Los Santos Syndicate didn’t have a starting area.

1.0 Initial Release


War on Terror [A Gang and Turf Configuration] V3.0 - 1

War on Terror [A Gang and Turf Configuration] V3.0 - 2

War on Terror [A Gang and Turf Configuration] V3.0 - 3

War on Terror [A Gang and Turf Configuration] V3.0 - 5

War on Terror [A Gang and Turf Configuration] V3.0 - 6

How To Install 

1) Open up the downloaded the WinRAR file and extract all contents onto
2) Choose which side you want to be on, inside each organization folder is the
configuration for the mod.
2) Open up the root directory of Grand Theft Auto of where you installed the
3) From there, go to the folder named “gangModData” in your root directory
and delete all existing files and paste the new files there from inside the folder you chose.
4) Launch Grand Theft Auto 5 and profit.


Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download :