Awesome, This new hauler to add to my game were perfect part. Used it on the enclosed trailer, Pj trailer and Show hauler trailer. Worked well on each one.


Freightliner M2

-Made from scratch by [email protected]
-Convert and edit by DeezNutties123

Features :
-Hands on wheel
-HQ dashboard, engine, and undercarriage
-5th wheel
-Interior emissives
-Breakable windows
-Correct collision


[dlclist.xml part 2]
1. Extract “dlclist.xml” with openIV from —–> updateupdate.rpfcommondata
2. Add new line “<Item>dlcpacks:westernhauler</Item>” to dlclist.xml
3. Save, and replace the old one at ——> updateupdate.rpfcommondata

[dlc data part 3]
1. Create a folder under modsupdatex64dlcpacks called “westernhauler”
2. drop dlc.rpf into the folder you just created.
3. Have Fun!




Have fun 🙂

Link Download :