This mod is something of a meme car, created based on a McDonalds ‘Customer Support Officer’ Dodge Charger photo, found on the internet. The Authenticity of it in real life, I’m not so sure about, but heck I made this for a laugh, so hopefully some of you enjoy it.


Before installing this mod, please ensure you have downloaded and installed a custom gameconfig.
Also ensure you have OpenIV installed: OpenIV
Inside your download will be a readme.txt file, to explain exactly how to install this mod, as well as a credits.txt file.

A special thanks and shoutout goes out to my Patreon supporters: Swedsson, Chef and Alfa1561

Rockstar Games – Base Vehicle and Assets
11john11 – Improved Bravado Buffalo S model
TheF3nt0n – Mapped Buffalo S
Jacobmaate – Wigwam Livery & food textures

As stated above, this mod is the product of several months of hard work, not just by myself, but by various modmakers from the community. Copying or redistributing this mod, in whole or in part, without the my permission (or approval by it’s respective author) is strictly prohibited.


1. Open OPENIV, and navigate to the following folder:

2. Drag and drop the “JMwigwam” folder in this download into that directory
If for whatever reason you can’t drag and drop, just create a new folder there called “JMwigwam”, then import the dlc.rpf supplied in this mod into that newly created folder.

3. Navigate to the following folder:
Right click the “DLCLIST.XML” file, and click “EDIT”

4. Input the following line after the list of dlcpacks:

5. Save the dlclist.xml file




Here is your Mod to get the Wigwam Buffalo S 🙂

Link Download :