Download Winter Uniforms for LSPD Ped 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Winter Uniforms for LSPD Ped 1.0

A retexture of Charivari’s Tenue de la Police Nationale mod to make it look like a lore friendly LSPD winter uniform. Would suggest using with only snow but it can also work as a patrol jacket.

To install simply replace the LSPD NPC with the one made by Charivari, then replace the texture file with the one provided with my mod for both the ped and the pedprops.

Known bugs: The model will sometimes spawn with it’s old texture on the coat. You can fix this by replacing the other coat texture. In the next version I will make a different coat variant for this slot.



Charivari for making the model
emtp211 for making the baseball cap

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