The GTA V mods are very commonly used by the gamers. Either they influence one particular part of gameplay, add a particular fresh function, or modify the game’s specified characteristics. Even complete mods such as World Improvement maps have a definite path.

Occasionally, however, a mod works out to impact multi-level GTA 5, tweaking this, that and what not to get a stronger general experience.

GTA V isn’t the kind of game you get bored because you don’t have to do stuff. There’s a huge range of side missions, collectibles, vanilla random occurrences, and difficulties to finish even after you’ve completed the story mode of the game.

Even if you’ve completed a hundred percent, there’s plenty of metagames to discover for you. Easter eggs and the mystery of Mt. Chiliad give lots of unexplored material. Nevertheless, due to the massive mod community that has developed around GTA 5 cannot assist but continue to expand it. At this stage, the mods have become so diverse that you can exponentially boost the game’s graphics and gameplay.

Modified Areas On World Improvement Map:

This World improvement map is the start of autofan999’s New Rockford Hills Look mod. It requires the same idea and incorporates vegetation to render the town more realistic and offer it a closer view of different roads and places in Los Santos. Some areas have been altered:

  • Rockford Hills
  • Franklin House
  • Los Santos Customs
  • Mirror Park
  • Micheals House

The surroundings of the above-mentioned places have been modified by using World improvement mod, for example,  more props have been inserted around Franklins House (Trees, Plants, Lights), Oldtimer Public Meeting (Cars, People, Food) , LSC has introduced Props in and out and added new plants in a road next to Michaels House.

All the bugs that were halting the gameplay was immensely improved in the new version of the world improvement mod. The places were populated with peds and different objects so the addition won’t seem unnatural and you can see smooth transition.




How to install:

  • To complete the world improvement map, you must first download and install the recent edition of the Guadmaz Map Editor version 0.7. You should use the latest GTA V version. After Fulfilling these conditions install the ScriptHook version 3 which is now the latest version of this script.
  • For Visual Studio 2015 x64, x86, download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64, x86 package. Then Install the ScriptHookVDotNet 5 latest version and download NativeUI version 6 from the authentic website. To customize the maps, use Guadmaz’s Map Editor Mod.
  • After downloading all the files of the mod make a folder named as AutoLoadMaps in the directory of installed GTA V scripts. After creating a folder in the scripts/folder of the GTA V directory put the archived file in the folder. Thus, when you start the game, the map will load automatically.

Download Links:

 1.9 (current) Link Download :