World of Variety mod for GTA V and its Features:

Although GTA V is a comprehensive and thriller game to play and you rarely get bored while playing GTA V. There are a lot of areas to explore and different missions keep the gamers hooked up. Here, I am talking about the hardcore GTA V fans who have visited every corner of the city and know all the details and missions that GTA V has to offer.

Playing the game all day long can become difficult as you will be bored by playing the same missions again and again. Developers looked at the situation and decided to add some cool items and objects that will provide new content for the gamers. World of Variety mod serves exactly that purpose and we can see some cool features of this amazing mod below:

  • All kinds of new vehicles were added in the game. Center of attraction is SWAT helicopters and FBI SUVs. Custom vehicles and DLC vehicles were added so you won’t be out of options while choosing your favorite car. Gang cars were also included in the World of Variety mod.
  • Different ranges of weapons were included in the game. Peds had given access to the knives and other melee weapons. 
  • The population can be controlled through the mod as well. You had the option to adjust the density of the peds and vehicles. General populations of peds can also be adjusted through World of Variety mod. Different props were also included within the mod for the peds. Furthermore, new street performers were added irrespective of the vanilla game.
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  • World of variety just focuses on making your gaming experience better without affecting the fps and smoothness of the game.
  • World of Variety mod could go side by Natural vision remastered giving the ultra gaming experience with new objects and improved graphics. Although the World of Variety mod needs to be installed after the natural vision remastered mod. Otherwise, you will face issues like vehicle textures, game crashes, and different scenarios failing to work.
  • Some gamers experienced the crashes on the loading screen and complained about the mod. However, the developer has clearly instructed to download heap limit adjuster, packfile limit adjuster, and limitless gameconfig to avoid the sudden crashes and loading screen failures.
  • The interiors of the numerous buildings were redesigned and you could feel the difference if you have been to those buildings. New animations were also included in the World of Variety as the main purpose of the mod was to introduce new content so gamers don’t get bored with the same routines. 
  • Submarine and aircraft carrier inclusion was the cherry on the top as nothing else was left with all kinds of vehicle variety.

So, for the binge and hardcore gamers, World of variety mod is a blessing as now they can keep on playing their favorite game without getting bored. New content is at their disposal and they can start exploring the streets of GTA V again.



  • DLC vehicles
  • Vehicle colour variations
  • Vehicle liveries
  • Custom vehicles
  • Add-on vehicles
  • Gang cars
  • DLC weapons
  • Concealed carry permits
  • Random melee weapons for peds
  • New Dispatch
  • Police bicycles
  • Police patrols
  • FIB vehicles & agents
  • K9 patrols
  • Sheriff swat & helicopters
  • Surveillance helicopters
  • Add-on peds
  • New general population peds
  • Storymode peds
  • New ped props
  • New street performers
  • New & extended gang areas
  • Nude beaches
  • New scenarios
  • New animations
  • Numerous populated interiors
  • Active submarine & aircraft carrier
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How to install:

Running a lot of mods, memory errors? Installing the following may help.

Heap adjuster
Packfile limit adjuster



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 wov casino gameconfig:

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