This mod was originally created by the GTA5-Mods user called “rootcause”. Kudos to him.
If you find any bugs, put it on me, I take the blame. Oh and please report them in the comment section if you get some time on your hands.
This is my first mod, I’ve never done any programming before.

World Settings V1.3 - 2

Why install this mod:

  • It’s a very small yet beautiful and powerful trainer, which resembles the
    original Interaction Menu.
  • Hate mods with ugly UI. Well, this one has a nice, minimalist design.
  • You can change outfits on the go.
  • Switch between your favorite outfits at almost any given moment.
  • You don’t wish to install big and complicated trainers.
  • Hate the fact that your car always ends up looking like a wreck due to
    crashing into things… Fear no more!
  • You love playing the story mode and for once you’d like to complete the game with fewer cheats or mods than you used to but whenever you install big trainers you can’t resist temptation and you always end up teleporting to mission markers, spawning cars and millions of dollars, etc. With this mod you can do missions without having to resist the temptation!
  • You’re bad at the game or you find it difficult to aim with low fps plus vsync. Just turn on Invincibility – your struggle is over!
  • You ran over two pedestrians then got a wanted level. Or you just took down a hiker in the middle of nowhere and a deer reported you to the police. Just turn the police off with this classy looking menu.
  • Your PC is awful like mine. 720p is your only option. You can use this mod without others realizing you’re using it! It looks just like the Interaction Menu so noobs probably won’t even notice that you commit a litany of sins in your videos.
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Latest Version

Change Log
(changes from 1.0)
– added new menus
– disabled the ability to open menu while mobile phone is being used (read “Important Information” section!)
– fixed a bug that occured when user enabled wanted level feature during a mission, causing unwated police attention
– changed / simplified a bunch of text
– removed unnecessary features
– renamed the mod to World Settings
– Receive Funds cooldown time increased to 90 seconds
– vehicle collision resistance (called Super Vehicles) can now be toggled on/off (default: ON)
– added full controller support (XBOX360 and XBOX1 gamepads are supported only)

(changes from 1.2)
– fixed a bunch of UI stuff (still not perfect, I might release a fix for it later)
– improved code (still sucks because I suck at programming – sorry :D)
– added a new menu
– fixed unnecessary wanted level during missions
– fixed some other stuff


  • ScriptHookV
  • ScriptHookVDotNet (also its requirements)
  • NativeUI
  • .NET 4.8


  • Open menu by pressing “O” key on the keyboard or “A + down” on Xbox controller. (A – sprint button, down – minimap zoomout button)
  • Delete an outfit from the “Saved Outfits” list by pressing delete key.
  • Use the up, down, lef, right arrow keys to navigate.
  • Use enter key to toggle options on/off.
  • Or use the mouse – not recommended as it’s laggy or slow. (Might be caused by Vsync.)
  • You can configure some keys in “spoutfit config.ini” file.


  • Time of Day (changes time)
  • Clock (pauses or resumes the game clock)
  • Weather (adjusts weather types)
  • Wanted Status (normal: cops will go after you as usual – disabled: cops will stop chasing you and will ignore you until you set it back to normal)
  • Weapons (adds knife, pistol .50, smg, grenades)
  • Invincibility (god mode)
  • Super Vehicles (no vehicle visual damage: headlights won’t break, car doors won’t fall off, the vehicle can still be destroyed, though, the option is enabled by default!)
  • Receive Funds (adds $3 500 to the selected character’s bank account with a minute and a half cooldown)
  • Wardrobe (applies the selected outfit)
  • Save Outfit (saves the outfit you’re currently wearing)
  • Clear Out (removes wanted level)
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Known Bugs

  • When you use the Weapons option and add weapons to your character, it’ll spawn with low ammo – that is intentional, however, if you already own a weapon of the same kind it will reduce your ammo. To avoid this, do not spawn guns that you already have. I might be able to fix this in the next version but not sure, it’ll come later perhaps. If you added a weapon by mistake, you can use the Add Money To Balance feature and buy the ammo back that you have lost. Or just use another trainer to spawn ammo, …since you’re already into modding, LMAO.


World Settings V1.3 - 6

World Settings V1.3 - 5

World Settings V1.3 - 4

World Settings V1.3 - 3

World Settings V1.3 - 1

How To Install 

  • Place “spoutfit config.ini” with “SPOutfits.dll” into your GTA V “scripts”
    folder. If such folder does not exist, create one.
  • Place the “outfits” folder into your gta v scripts folder.
    This is optional. You should only do this if you like my outfits that I
    already saved. Watch the featured video if you’re interested.
  • – In “old_NativeUI” folder there’s an older version of NativeUI. I modified it so that the maximum displayed items on ANY menu that uses NativeUI is 5. It will display 5 objects then you’ll have to scroll down to see the rest of it. Copy NativeUI.dll into Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts folder. Make a backup of your original NativeUI.dll before you replace it.


Thanks for download!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571746452