Download Wu Jing ?? 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Wu Jing ?? 2.0

Wu Jing is a well-known Chinese martial arts actor who is deeply loved by audiences in China. His representative works include Wolf Warriors 2, The Wandering Earth, Climbers, etc.

You must install AddonPeds and openiv

Clothes clothing model source in gta5 game

AddonPeds Unzip to the game root directory

openiv open update-x64-dlcpacks-addonpeds-dlc.rpf-peds.rpf

press f6 edit mode

Drag and drop four files “wujing1?”wujing2” into openiv

open “AddonPeds Editor.exe” Must run in administrator mode
press peds-new peds

model name enter “wujing1?”wujing2”
ped type is male
is streamed is false
last press “add ped”
in game press “L”
select “wujing1?”wujing2” press enter

“wujing1” is Los Santos Mayor’s Clothing
“wujing2? is Sports wear



Download mod

File File size

7zWUJING 2.0

5 MB