Download XMLIO 1.0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

XMLIO 1.0.1

Sorry there was a nasty bug in the Load method.

NOTE: For developers only!
Pure gamers please move on. There’s nothing to see here for you.

XMLIO is a .net library, written in C#, for saving and loading data containers (even with nested containers) to/from XML files. It makes handling XML data in your project a piece of cake (look at the picture) as you don’t need to care for the XML structure.

I use XMLIO for many years even since before I started developing mods for GTA IV.

XMLIO utilizes the WCF Data Contract under the hood and therefore creates and expects a standardized XML layout (look at the XML header line in the picture). That means you can NOT read any kind of XML files, just the ones created by XMLIO or XML files which comply to the aforementioned standard.

XMLIO comes in two flavors, for any CPU or explicitly for x64 (use the latter for GTA V mods). All public members are fully documented for Intellisense.
Includes help in .chm format and also for MSHelp 2.0.

This download includes a detailed PDF guide with all information you need, including several samples.

You need .net Framework 4.5.2.



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