Download Yacht Improvements (+ Private Military Base & Runway) 4.2 – Screenshots and Description:

Yacht Improvements (+ Private Military Base & Runway) 4.2

I´ve made a Bridge to and around the Yacht with the Map Editor. You can drive into the Yacht with your Cars now and parking. There are People on the Yacht and on the Bridge drinking Coffee, dancing etc.

Don´t know if i should make more, with more Details and Objects, maybe. Any Suggestions and feedback are welcome.:)

V2: More Peds, Trees and Objects in General added. An extra Place for the Submersible. And the Boats don`t dissapear now.
Changed the Bridge to a better one. Boats can now drive under the Bridge.;)

V3: I´ve created a military base next to the Yacht. Hope you like it.;) Take a look at the last Screenshot.

V3.1: Fixed several Things and changed the Map a bit and more Objects added. It is now possible to drive with a Military Truck and Trailer to the Base. It´s a bit tricky but funny.:) And a extra Parking Area added, look at the Screenshots. Cleaned the Map from Junk.

V3.2: Police, Ballas and Paparazzi Scenario added. More Objects, Vehicles and Peds added. I´ve placed a Gold Chest and a Secret Weapon in the Sea around the Map, find it!:)

V4: Big Update! A private Runway and the Aircraft Carrier added. Took some time to make the Runway with all the Details, it´s not perfect, but i´m satisfied, hope you like it.:) Watch the Screens.

V4.1: Well, the old Runway was to ugly for my taste, so i´ve created a brand new and more realistic and beautiful one. A heliport added.;)

V4.2: Cleaned and fixed the Map a bit up. Peds in the Sea deleted etc.


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Install: Place the Yacht Improvement.xml to your AutoloadMaps. Make sure you have the Map Editor installed. Have Fun.

To load the Yacht you need the”Simple Trainer“. And the “Map Editor to load the Map of course.


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