An entirely redone version of my Stratum Custom from IV (now called Zircoflow Stratum).

Well done!!!


LamboFreak – model edits, conversion, sounds
Jam – LODs
Carrythxd – add-on
Johnny362000 – handling

UGE UPDATE: Version 2.0
– Entirely overhauled model based on GTA V’s Stratum
– Added nitrous as a mod option (under “Air Filters”)
– Made the turbos spool much louder

UPDATE: Version 1.3
– Added custom, fully add-on sounds!

UPDATE: Version 1.2
– Fixed a few more model issues

UPDATE: Version 1.1
– Redone engine bay
– Added a trunk setup for the air suspension
– Fixed a few model issues

How to install:
1. Put the “stratumc” folder in modsupdatex64dlcpacks
2. Add this line -> dlcpacks:stratumc to the dlclist.xml (modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata)

Spawn name: stratumc





Hope you like it:)

Link Download :