Since the old trainer is way outdated now, I decided to completely rewrite it, clean it up and add most of the new features that my IV trainer has.



F7 – Open/Close
Numpad 4&6 – Choose Player (for player teleports in FiveM)
Numpad 8&2 – Scroll (hold to scroll quickly)
Numpad 5 – Select option
Numpad 0 – Go back
F6 – Airbreak
= – Toggle Collision
‘ – Move forward through door

New features:

(only with FiveM and latest game version) Change any game option in real time (e.g. mouse sensitivity, sound volume, shadow quality) without any limits that the settings menu would have. (you can finally disable shadows without restarting game now)
Added all new DLC vehicles, peds, weapons, etc.
Menus won’t show cars and peds in the list that aren’t in the game
Playermodel outfits can now be stored and loaded from an .ini file
You can drive on thin air
Reverse Car Recording playback
Enable/Disable MP DLC Maps


Teleporting now also teleports your car
Added HUD Color Editor (with .ini support)
Added Experimental menu with some basic native calling
Added full .ini support for all options
Version number is now displayed on first open
Added Reveal Map option
Slide Run no longer works in a car
Removed duplicate font from menu font menu
Added Remove All option to Weapons menu
Added Int param natives to experimental menu
Added Hash param natives to experimental menu
Added Dual param natives to experimental menu
Added Night & Thermal vision to Fun menu
Renamed Experimental menu to Native Caller
Completely reworked the native caller, you can put any parameter you want now, and choose any native you want
Added Unlock Camera Pitch option
Added .ini option for Reveal Map
Fixed bodyguards
Added Can Attack Friendly Peds option
Added parameter type option to native caller, you can properly enter float values now
Added Player ID option to copy common values menu
Added Scripting menu (you can create some basic scripts with this, included an example script that spawns a car and makes the player drive to Sandy Shores)
Added support for latest patch (version 52)
Added Player Blips and Death Notifications for FiveM
Added all new vehicles
Added Car Recording menu
Added colors to menu option toggles
Added North Yankton teleport
Added Object Spawning
Added Reverse Playback option to Car Recording
Added INI Teleports
Added MP Functions (currently only contains Set Team menu)
Added Teleport To Car option to Car Recording
Added Drive on Water
Added Drive on Air
Fixed Keybinds toggle
Added keybind for collision toggle (=)
Added keybind for move forward through door (‘)
Added Enable/Disable MP Maps option




Here you are !

Link Download :