Genuine VN/A iPhone XR, XS Max, 11, 12, 13 Pro Max product lines are being discounted by Smart Mobile up to 7 million. Customers in addition to receiving a direct discount of 7-9 million are also encouraged to purchase 0% installments and participate in the brand new Renewal program during the promotion period. From there, customers can freely choose the products they love without paying too much attention to the price.


Genuine iPhone VN/A New Fullbox very good price

iPhone 11/12/13 Series Genuine VN/A New 100% Original Seal Not Active with genuine 12-month Apple Care warranty nationwide is plummeting to 7 million dong.

For example, iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB Genuine VN/A is only from 40.5 million (listed 50 million); iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB Genuine VN/A only from 35 million (listed 44 million).


In addition, iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Genuine VN/A also reduced to 30 million (listed 37 million); iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Genuine VN/A only from 26.5 million (listed 34 million); Genuine iPhone 12 64GB VN/A only from 15 million VND (listed 20.5 million). In particular, the iPhone 11 model 64GB Genuine VN/A was suddenly priced at 10 million, only from 10.5 million (listed 18 million).

Original Old iPhone XR Beautiful Like New

In addition, in August, the old iPhone lines, the international version, like new, commit to the original Zin machine 99%, not yet repaired, with a free cable, charger, 6-month warranty, the price is also significantly cheap. Typically, iPhone XR 64Gb Old Original Beautiful Like New, priced at only 7 million.



[MLO] Crips Gang Motel [Add-On SP / FiveM] 1.1

Original old iPhone XS / XS Max as beautiful as new

These two product lines are also being heavily discounted at our smart Ding Dong store. The original old iPhone Xs Max 256GB is as Beautiful as New, reduced to only 11.7 million compared to 13.8 million before. As for the Old iPhone XS 64Gb Original Beautiful Like New, only 7.9 million compared to 9.2 million before.

You should buy products at our Smart Mobile store

The quality of iPhone at Smart Mobile is always our top priority, in addition, we are committed to offering the lowest price in the market, 0% discount, strong warranty and after-sales policy is weak. The main factor that makes customers decide to choose.

When users activate the utility after making a purchase on Apple Vietnam’s authorized system nationwide, consumers will receive a 12-month Genuine Warranty for Brand New 100% Original Seal products.

Customers can rest assured to buy and use for a very long time because 99% of like new goods are committed to being original, unrepaired Zin products, checked by a team of skilled professionals many times before store and deliver to users.


You can search and select the season of products directly in our store. I will leave the link of the store below so you can directly choose and buy.

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