Tomorrow will be the official date that Apple launches iPhone 14, according to the general trend, at this time many iPhone 11,12, and 13 models continue to record a sharp decrease.

Particularly, the iPhone 11 64 GB version is being sold for almost $10.6 million. Notably, the price of the 64 GB iPhone 12 model dropped from up to 3 times the previous month’s pricing to just 15.1 million VND.


The price of the 128 GB memory variant of the iPhone 13 also decreased by 1 million VND to 19 million VND, not inferior. The price of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max duo is reduced by 2 million VND, 25 and 27 million VND respectively.

This is one of the strongest discounts Apple has ever applied in the Vietnamese market, according to dealers. According to a representative of CellphoneS, before launching new products and promoting consumer demand, this campaign was organized by Apple together with Apple.

Once the new pricing is in place, demand is predicted to grow by 20-30%, which will pose a significant challenge for many Android competitors in the same market category, according to a CellphoneS representative. The iphone 13 promax is predicted to continue to have the highest consumption.

Five of the ten most popular smartphone models worldwide in April 2022, according to the most recent data from market research firm Counterpoint Research, will be iPhones. When accounting for 5.5% of sales for the month, the iPhone 13 in particular is the best-selling smartphone.

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The iphone 13 promax came in second place with sales of 3.4%. iPhone 13 Pro (which accounts for 1.8% of the top 4 rankings) and iPhone 12 (which accounts for 1.6%) are in the final two spots. The iPhone 13 has consistently outperformed the Pro version in most areas since it first went on sale, according to Counterpoint Research.

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Before the launch of iPhone 14, previous versions of iPhone are heavily discounted