Download Map Builder PRO (for GTA 5/FiveM) Version: 2.23 – Screenshots and Description:

Map Builder PRO (for GTA 5/FiveM) Version: 2.23

What’s new in 2.20

This is a big update. New props, major object list changes, complete OIV install, YMAP folder, advanced readme, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

Natural Pack Update + Props Return

In this texture pack style update includes 75 new props. I think many of you will enjoy the selected textures for this update. I also brought back props that were previously removed in a past update.

Enhanced & Updated ObjectList.ini

If you are a Map Editor user today is your day! I have manually validated the expanded object list. If you use object spawn unlocker every invalid prop has been removed. All props causing the game to crash have also been removed. In the process of manual validation, I have unlocked more usable props. The list has been refreshed, and we now have a fully functional objectlist.ini file.

OIV Install, YMAP Folder, & Advanced ReadMe

You can now install Map Builder PRO entirely from OIV packages! Manual dlclist.xml install is still an option. I have officially added YMAP support via OpenIV install folders and DLC. The advanced readme will show you how to easily install your YMAP files. I have also added a quick guide for installing requirement files.

Creative Mode vs. Streaming Mode

I have added different modes to Map Builder. Creative Mode will be for making your maps in GTA V SinglePlayer. Streaming Mode will be for using maps created with Map Builder in FiveM. The downloads will still remain individual, as they are large in size. It is also worth noting that streaming Map Builder props to FiveM isn’t perfect. Some older props are incompatible for FiveM. I will address this issue more in an upcoming update.

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