OPS BE GONE V3.0 is a mod that helps players avoid interactions with the police in the game. It allows players to quickly get rid of wanted stars without going to the mod menu. Even with 5 stars, players can escape from the cops in about 25-40 seconds. The mod is easy to install by following a few steps in OpenIV. It is recommended not to edit or share the mod on other sites. The mod is credited to khalifahigh.

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OPS BE GONE is a mod set to help those that want to keep their interactions short with the cops or for those that aren’t trying to go to war with the cops because you “accidentally” killed an NPC lol. This is a mod that will save you the time and hassle of getting to your mod menu just to get the cops off you! So While using OPS BE GONE, you can still get 5 stars, but even to get ONE star you have to do more than kill 1 NPC … more like (5-10) and then it will go up from there BUT IT CAN GO AWAY QUICKLY, EVEN IF YOU GET 5 STARS!!! So as long as you want to get away from the cops you can get away from them with 5 STARS in about 25-40 seconds maybe even less. Hope you enjoy it… PLEASE DON’T EDIT or SHARE on another SITE!!!

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1. Run OpenIV and turn on EDIT MODE and go to
2. mods-update-update.rpf-common-data
3. Then drag and drop my metafile in and enjoy!!.



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1. Table OPS BE GONE V2.0 Mod: This mod is an earlier version of the Table OPS BE GONE V3.0 mod. While both mods aim to remove table operations and provide a better user experience, the V3.0 version offers more advanced features and improvements, such as enhanced performance and compatibility with newer game versions.

2. No More Tables Mod: This mod serves a similar purpose as the Table OPS BE GONE V3.0 mod, aiming to remove unnecessary table operations. However, it may have different compatibility and features compared to Table OPS BE GONE V3.0. Users should research and compare the specific features and compatibility of both mods before deciding on the most suitable one for their needs.

3. Improved GUI Mod: This mod focuses on enhancing the user interface (GUI) of the game. While it may not directly target table operations, it can still enhance the overall gameplay experience by improving the visuals and accessibility of menus and UI elements.

4. Faster Processing Mod: This mod aims to optimize the performance and speed of various game operations, including table operations. It might offer faster calculations and processing, resulting in smoother gameplay when interacting with tables. However, it may not provide the same level of customization or additional features as the Table OPS BE GONE V3.0 mod.

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5. Streamlined Workflow Mod: This mod strives to streamline various in-game workflows to make them more efficient and user-friendly. While it may not specifically focus on table operations, it can still contribute to an improved gaming experience by optimizing other aspects such as inventory management, crafting, and trading. Users should evaluate their specific needs and compare the features of both mods before choosing between them.
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